One brand, four key areas, one goal:
your perfect seating experience.

You love new challenges. You always want to get the best out of yourself – and experience every moment to its fullest. Average? Not your thing.

We think the same way. As long-standing experts for perfect seating, we support you with premium seating solutions wherever you need them:

With RECARO Aircraft Seating, you arrive at your flight destination relaxed and rejuvenated. RECARO Gaming helps you perform at your best when playing games. RECARO Automotive seats provide you with support and comfort while driving. And with child seats and strollers from RECARO Kids, your family is safe and comfortable on the go.

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With RECARO Gaming, you can focus on what matters to you: taking things to the next level – while gaming or working. Even in longer sessions, the ergonomically optimized seat contour and premium materials support you perfectly.

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RECARO Aircraft Seating

There is just one goal behind the sophisticated design of the economy and business class seats of RECARO Aircraft Seating: making your flight as comfortable and relaxing as possible. So just sit back and enjoy the flight – or take the opportunity to concentrate on your work. 

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Nothing is more important to you than your family, and every moment you spend together is precious. That’s why you insist on comfortable mobility, high-quality workmanship, and unparalleled safety when it comes to child seats and strollers. RECARO Kids simply fits perfectly with your life.


RECARO Automotive

When you’re behind the wheel, you want to feel good – and also to be ready to perform at your best. With their ergonomic design, the premium-quality car seats and racing shells of RECARO Automotive provide unparalleled comfort and support.

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Discover* the official RECARO merchandise range for home and on the road - in clear design and premium quality. Whether high-quality clothing or branded fan articles. Whether exclusive or practical: Find your RECARO Original.
*Currently, the products are only available in Germany, but there will follow further countries soon – stay tuned.

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Brand history

From automobiles to aircraft to your home – RECARO is on an exciting journey:

In 1906, master saddler Wilhelm Reutter founded the Stuttgart Body and Wheel Factory, where vehicle bodies and interiors were manufactured for all well-known car manufacturers. Starting in 1963, seats began to be made there under the name RECARO (REutter – CAROsserie), which has continued to be a key name in the global seating business up to the present day. Aircraft seats were added to the lineup in 1972, laying the cornerstone for RECARO Aircraft Seating. In 1989, the company took a brave step into another industry with the world’s first growth-adjustable child seat: RECARO Kids is today one of the most renowned manufacturers of child seats and strollers. And since 2018, RECARO Gaming has been setting new standards for gaming seats.

But no matter where you use seats from RECARO, you will feel comfortable thanks to the many years of experience of RECARO and its tradition in quality, safety, ergonomics, and design – for intense #RECAROmoments.

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