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1906 - Founded as Stuttgarter Carosserie- u. Radfabrik (Stuttgart Body and Wheel Factory)

1963 - The body factory is sold to Porsche. REutter CAROsserie becomes RECARO, the seating specialist

1972 - RECARO starts producing aircraft seats and moves to Kirchheim/Teck two years later

1998 - RECARO presents the first child car seat that grows with the child: the "RECARO start"

2011 - The automotive seating division is sold to the licensing partner Johnson Controls

2018 - RECARO Gaming is founded. RECARO enters the gaming market in 2019 with the launch of the RECARO Exo

2022 - RECARO invests in Growag, a leading train seat company

2023 - The name RECARO celebrates its birthday. For 60 years, we have focused on improving seating

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We are always looking for contacts to former employees of Stuttgarter Karosseriewerk Reutter and RECARO, as well as to interested journalists, enthusiastic users and collectors.

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Hendrik Ockenga

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