Four business areas, one brand: Recaro campaign creates synergies and visibility

Active brand management of the Recaro brand

Stuttgart, Germany. One brand, four business areas, one common goal: creating the perfect seat for every application. On the basis of this shared passion, Recaro has been inspiring automotive enthusiasts, families, and aircraft passengers for decades, with avid gamers now also joining the ranks of loyal fans. This is reflected in the new Recaro brand campaign, in which fans who are experiencing special Recaro moments are put center stage in four films.

The new brand campaign is a joint project led by Recaro Holding, which acts as an integrating brand holding. The campaign was developed with the participation of the subsidiaries Recaro Aircraft Seating and Recaro Gaming as well as the licensing partners Recaro Automotive and Recaro Kids. The centerpiece of this campaign are four image films that make special customer moments with Recaro aircraft, automotive, child, and gaming seats tangible to the viewing audience.

The campaign objective is to familiarize brand enthusiasts with the wide range of the Recaro world. “Recaro is represented in four business areas which differ greatly from one another, as each is associated with different products, markets, and target groups. “It’s hard to find other brands that are as broadly positioned as Recaro. For brand management, this represents a challenge as well as an opportunity,” explains Hendrik Ockenga, Director of Brand & Communications at Recaro Holding. “We want to use the campaign to leverage our synergies and bolster the brand’s visibility across all business areas. In doing so we also want to tap the existing potential of the target group even more than before.”

This is why Recaro Aircraft Seating, Recaro Gaming, Recaro Automotive, and Recaro Kids will be using their channels to distribute all films of the campaign and not only content that relates specifically to their own products. The respective customers will thus be presented with a complete picture of the brand. “Through the introduction of our automotive background to gamers and our aircraft seats to parents etc., each business area will gain visibility beyond its own target group,” Hendrik Ockenga says. “For us as brand owners and licensors, this way of working together with the Recaro business areas  is an essential component of our brand management.”

You can view the Recaro campaign through November 2021 on all Recaro social media channels under the hashtag #RECAROmoments as well as on the landing page at

About Recaro Group

The Recaro Group comprises the independently operating divisions Recaro Aircraft Seating in Schwäbisch Hall and Recaro Gaming in Stuttgart as well as the Recaro Holding located in Stuttgart. The Group’s consolidated sales amounted to more than 300 million euros in 2020. Currently the Group employs more than 2,200 employees at its locations around the world.

The Recaro brand is represented in the automotive seating business area by the licensee Recaro Automotive and in the child seat and stroller business area by the licensee Recaro Kids.

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