German Chamber of Commerce honors Recaro as qualified training company

At their headquarters in the Upper Franconian Marktleugast, Recaro Child Safety has been training junior industrial managers, specialists in systems integration, industrial mechanics and technical product designers for ten years and by that giving young people the opportunity to actively work on their professional future. The company’s commitment to targeted training of qualified specialists has now been honored by the German Chamber of Commerce (IHK) of Upper Franconia Bayreuth and Recaro was presented with the certificate "Training Company 2015". Having started with only one trainee ten years ago, today the trainee team of the child seat manufacturer consists of eleven young, motivated and talented individuals.

The Recaro brand has a strong presence on social networks: all over the world, Recaro fans and users are trading views on the products, posting photos and videos, and sharing their experiences and adventures with the brand. Recaro itself also has various online channels through which its two corporate divisions Recaro Aircraft Seating and Recaro Child Safety, and licensing partner Recaro Automotive Seating communicate with their own particular customers and fans – thus also reaching very different target groups.

“The range of Recaro content is very broad. However, what’s been missing up to now is a place on the internet where all this information flows together – a platform to complement the existing online channels, a place where the entire brand is present regardless of business area and the complete spectrum of information is brought together. With the ‘Recaro Stream,’ we’ve now created precisely that place,” explains Hendrik Ockenga, Director of Corporate Communications at Recaro Holding, in discussing the background.

Recaro articles spanning the brand and its business areas are complemented by an integrated newsfeed, thus flowing together with content released by the different business areas as well as media reports and user comments. “So we’re not only showing our own articles, but also incorporating posts about Recaro that have appeared online through various social media channels. This lets us cultivate a constant stream of information about the Recaro brand, which is also where the name ‘Recaro Stream’ comes from,” explains Hendrik Ockenga.

Project members also put a lot of thought into the design: “It was important for us to find a visually appealing solution that suits our brand’s design approach, while also incorporating and enhancing the dynamic of the medium,” says Ockenga.

The “Recaro Stream” has been launched by Recaro Holding as a consolidated platform for the brand. As the brand owner, it has the function of connecting and strengthening, and not only in the digital world. It pursues as an integrated brand holding company the overall goal of boosting momentum, encouraging mutual exchange, and giving expression to the Recaro brand across the borders of the individual business areas.

Interested readers can find the “Recaro Stream” and further information about the launch of the online platform at

The Recaro Group encompasses two divisions: Recaro Aircraft Seating (aircraft seats) in Schwäbisch Hall and Recaro Child Safety (child car seats) in Marktleugast, as well as the Recaro Holding located in Stuttgart. The Group’s consolidated sales amounted to 425 million euros in 2014. Currently the Group employs more than 2,000 employees at its locations around the world. Recaro Automotive Seating is a product group of the multi-industry company Johnson Controls and uses the Recaro brand under a license issued by Recaro Holding.

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