Brand in motion


Feel Performance


As a premium brand, we impress with Ingenious Design combined with the highest safety standards and outstanding quality.

With our three core benefits of Safety, Quality, and Ingenious Design, our products foster trust, deliver a superior experience, and inspire enthusiasm.

Airlines around the world, international automotive companies, as well as demanding parents and their children place their trust in our innovative solutions and services.

RECARO makes performance something you can feel.
Feel Performance.

Ingenious Design

Carefully considered down to the last detail

Designed to provide perfect support while holding the body in the best possible ergonomic position.

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RECARO fascinates with Ingenious Design — our unique combination of clever functions, use-specific ergonomics, and appealing aesthetics.

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The feeling of being secure.
Happy and in good hands.
The right start for you and your children.

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RECARO meets and exceeds the highest safety standards so that you don’t have to worry in the event of an emergency.
That is why millions of customers around the world trust our trailblazing technologies — for more than 100 years.

Each and every day we do our best to be worthy of your trust.



The smell of new leather.
Ingenious Design that provides you with ideal support.
A seat that allows for your best personal performance.

RECARO stands for impressive quality that regularly redefines industry standards, inspires people, and sets things in motion.

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For us, using high quality materials that are durable and absolutely reliable is standard. The same is true for our outstanding service. We are there for you at all times with our international expertise.

For peace of mind — knowing you made the right decision.


Ingenious Design


The gentle pressure of acceleration on the runway.
The unique features that make your seat perfect for you.
Completely in the moment and relaxed.

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We continuously develop innovative solutions that provide relief and activation at the same time. A design that supports you, is reduced to the essential, and fascinates with its unique features.

Our ambition is to deliver the perfect combination of functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetics.

Innovation is our

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