An Integrating Brand Holding

Since May 2013, RECARO Holding has been located in the birthplace of the RECARO brand ― in Stuttgart.

The RECARO Design Center is also located at the holding’s site in Stuttgart. Based on an integrated work, communication, and space concept, it is meant to facilitate cross-divisional, creative work.

RECARO Holding comprises the areas of Strategy, Finance, and Legal, as well as Design, Brand, and Communications. It guides the RECARO Group, provides direction, and acts as an internal service provider.

The independent business divisions RECARO Aircraft Seating and RECARO Gaming work closely together with RECARO Holding. They are given a high degree of autonomy and are managed by executives who are accountable for their results.

Our licensing partner RECARO Automotive also communicates closely with the holding regarding all issues relevant to the brand.


RECARO Automotive

RECARO Automotive is a business unit of the global company Raven Acquisition, LLC and has licensed the RECARO brand from the RECARO Holding. 830 employees work at locations in Germany, Poland, the United States, Mexico, and Japan. The headquarters are in Kaiserslautern, Germany

More information can be found at RECARO Automotive.



RECARO Kids is a business unit of the multinational Artsana Group which is the new licensing partner of the RECARO Holding since October 2018. The global license agreement relates to the development, production and distribution of premium child seats and strollers under the RECARO brand.

The Artsana Group, headquartered in Italy, is an international group focused on the baby care segment and has achieved a leading market position over the past 60 years. Today it markets brands in more than 150 countries with 10,000 employees worldwide.