Transparency is Key

The main focus of the strategy is to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our systems and decision-making processes. RECARO must not only implement innovation solutions that minimize our carbon footprint, but also inspire others to join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future.

We have heavily invested in research to identify new solutions that improve the efficiency of our processes and products, implemented state-of-the-art energy practices at our manufacturing sites, and encourage our employees and suppliers to embrace green living.

Practicing environmental responsibility has long been steeped in the history of RECARO, and is a challenge we have to face head-on. The only way forward is by working together and setting a new environmental standard for the industry, and that is exactly what we aim to accomplish at RECARO.

A tradition of Sustainability

For more than 110 years, the RECARO Group has strived for continuous innovation. We create seating solutions that offer more. More performance, more comfort, more safety.

RECARO has a tradition of pushing the limits. Lightweight design as well as optimized space utilization in all our business fields have always been part of the RECARO DNA.

Quality and sustainability are closely intertwined at RECARO. As a global company, we proactively track our ethical and social responsibilities to ensure we are managing resources in the most efficient way. For RECARO, harmonizing economic and environmental goals is a top priority.

CEO, RECARO Holding GmbH

Dr. Mark Hiller

"I believe businesses have a responsibility to create products that positively impact the world. By developing sustainable seating solutions at our modern, energy-efficient production facilities, RECARO can help reduce the burden on our planet.”

Chief Financial Officer (CFO), RECARO Holding GmbH

Peter Müller

“Enthusiastic leaders will motivate others to develop new technology and promote green initiatives shifting the perception of sustainability is no small task, which is why I want to establish a more active voice in promoting green practices that are already a part of our strategy.”

What does sustainability look like at RECARO?


As a successful global company, we are committed to promoting diversity, offering ideal working conditions, high social standards and individual qualifications for our employees. We support our communities and contribute to attractive conditions at our sites around the world.


We meet the needs of our customers and partners, shareholders and employees through a sustainable business model based on products and services that excel in innovation, quality and safety.



We take our environmental responsibilities seriously in all areas of our business.

The balance of the three dimensions is the basis of sustainability at RECARO